Weddings on A Shoestring Budget PLR

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The average bride spends $28,000 on her wedding. And that doesn’t include the bridal party attire, travel expenses for guests or wedding gifts. There are over 2 million weddings each year in the U.S. alone.

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February is one of the most popular months for engagements – think Valentine’s Day. Brides take from 6 months to a year to plan their weddings. NOW is the time to grab this Weddings on a Shoestring BudgetPLR package.

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budget wedding plr packagesThe average wedding dress costs over $1,500 but can reach $10,000.

cheap wedding plr packagesWedding cakes cost from $2.00 to $10.00 per guest. So a cake that serves 200 is $2,000.

save money on wedding plr packages$237 is the amount spent on each wedding guest and the average wedding has nearly 150 guests.

weddings on a shoesgring budget plrMany online bridal shops, such as and offer affiliate programs. They offer more than just dresses but also favors, invitations, and more.

plr packages Amazon shows nearly a quarter of million wedding products, equipment videos and books. And that’s just Amazon.

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All the content you need including:

9000+ word ebook, Weddings on a Shoestring Budget

12 articles of 400 to 500 words each

and 21 wedding tips

Three ebook covers

Three header graphics to match the ebook cover

Graphics are smaller here than what you get. Headers are 700 X 200, Ebook covers are 450 x 250

The list of Wedding Related Products to Promote is nearly Endless


Wedding Cakes

Bridal Party Attire

Wedding and Engagement Rings




Invitations, Thank you cards and Save the Date

Wedding Gifts

Dee Power This content is written by Dee Power whose wedding articles have appeared on numerous websites. She’s also the author of several commercially published books. She’s written thousands, yes thousands, of freelance articles.

Every bride wants to save money on their wedding so their $28,000 goes further. You can show her how to save money on flowers, cakes, dresses, favors, decorations, food, and even her wedding rings, while you make money yourself.

Set up a wedding blog or website to take advantage of this huge market.

plr packagesCombine the articles into several wedding guides, say one on receptions, one on wedding cakes and one on wedding flowers.

plr packagesSet up a newsletter for your subscribers. Brides start planning their weddings from 6 to 24 months out. Lots of time for you to make sales.

plr packagesGive away the Tips as a bonus to attract subscribers to your list.

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Use the PLR as a starting point to create your own ebook.

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Content we are proud to put OUR NAMES ON and now available for you to PUT YOUR NAME AND BRAND ON.

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Here’s what’s included in the Weddings on a Shoestring Budget PLR Package

Weddings On A Shoestring Budget 9000 word ebook Chapter Outline

Chapter 1 First Things First: Establish a Budget
Sit down with that special someone and determine how much you can afford to spend on your wedding.

Chapter 2 Don’t Spend a Fortune on the Flowers
It’s your wedding day and you’ve always pictured yourself with a stunning bouquet and fabulous floral arrangements. Then you go shopping and the sticker shock is the only thing that’s stunning.

Chapter 3 Your Wedding Dress and Your Bridesmaids: Beautiful and Affordable Wedding dresses can cost thousands of dollars, just look at the latest celebrity bride. But yours doesn’t have to. You can be beautiful and stay on a budget. There are alternatives to spending a small fortune on your wedding attire.

Chapter 4 Glorious Gifts for Your Wedding Party
Traditionally the bridal couple gives a token of their appreciation to each member of the wedding party, but those tokens add up to a chunk of change. Give a memorable gift without emptying your piggy bank.

Chapter 5 Keepsakes for Your Guests That Won’t Max Out Your Credit Card. Every bride would like her guests to take away something more than just beautiful memories from her wedding. But those mementos reach a hefty total in no time.

Chapter 6 Cutting the Costs on Your Wedding Cake
A multi-tiered wedding cake beautifully decorated is an important part of any bride’s dream wedding, but the price tag can give you nightmares. Use these tips to take a bite out of the bill.

Chapter 7 Conserve Your Cash While Your Guests Eat, Drink, and Be Merry Catering drains your checking account faster than a leaky bucket. But you can plug the holes and still provide your guests a fabulous feast.

Chapter 8 Delightful But Affordable Decoration Ideas
First Impressions Set the Mood for the Wedding Festivities. Greet guests at your reception with balloons, fountains and flowers.

Chapter 9 Just for Fun
Every bride looks for a way to make her special day, well extra special. Here are some ideas that cost just a few pennies.

Chapter 10 Save on Your Engagement and Wedding Rings
Do you know how diamonds are valued? When you do, you’ll be able to find the perfect rings at an affordable price.

Chapter 11 Photography Tips
After all, a photographer is essential when it comes to preserving memories of the day. There is no second chance to capture the festivities.

Chapter 12 Practical Printing Pointers
Save the date cards, response cards, menus, programs, reception cards and of course the invitation itself plus envelopes cost a pretty penny.

Article Titles

Wedding Dresses Weren’t Always White 405 words

Elegant Silk, Taffeta or Velvet? 469

Formal or Informal: Which Style is Right for You? 475

Styles of Wedding Gowns 402

Send Your Wedding Guests Home With More than Warm Wishes 407 words

Fabulous Fall Wedding Flowers 405 words

Glorious Spring Wedding Flowers 443 words

Wedding Favors on a Shoestring Budget – Ideas For Spring 456 words

Wedding Without Flowers Just Wouldn’t Be a Wedding 402 words

Champagne Wedding on a Strictly Beer Budget 489 words

Weddings on a Shoestring Budget – Think Small to Save Big on Food 470 words

Bridesmaids and Ushers: Is That All There Is? 413 words

And You Receive 21 Wedding Tips

These tips average over 200 words each. Perfect for blog posts or social media updates. Combine two or three tips into an article.

There’s only three things you can’t do with this material: Resell it as PLR, sell the photographs/images or use my name as the author.

There are no refunds for this product. Any problems email authors @

Weddings on A Shoestring Budget

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What You Need to Know About The Flu PLR package

The 2017 flu season is underway and becoming an epidemic as more and more people become infected.

Make Money in the Always Popular and Growing Health and Well-Being Niche

What You Need to Know About the Flu PLR

flu symptoms

flu symptomsInfluenza “The Flu” Affects Millions of People Every Year

flu symptomsIt shows up as regularly as the changing of the seasons.

flu symptomsEveryone dreads getting it, and everyone is curious how to avoid it.

Now You Can Provide Your Readers with Valuable Info about how to Prevent Getting the Flu and how to Manage the Symptoms if they do get it.
–While Providing Yourself with a Pathway to Profits!

Providing quality content is a key to your successful MARKETING STRATEGY.

Brian Hill,brian hill dee powermy writing partner, and myself, Dee Power, have created what we call “THE STRATEGIC BUNDLE” of content.

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Flu season is here with sneezing, coughing, aches and fever–bringing MISERY to MILLIONS.

What does this mean for you?

flu symptomsAn average of 12% of the population is infected with the flu every year. This year the infection rate is closer to 20%

flu symptomsFlu vaccines are effective only about 50% of the time. You still get the flu about half the time even when you’ve been vaccinated.

flu symptomsFamily members, friends, and co-workers, as well as victims, are looking for information about the flu, how it’s transmitted, what the symptoms are and how to treat the flu.

flu symptomsThe market is huge in the millions. Mothers, fathers, seniors … just about everybody needs this information.

Get your fair share of this market now with this private label rights content — PLR — package, What You Need to Know About the Flu

flu symptomsDon’t think of our PLR package just as STELLAR, UNIQUE content, all prepared and ready to be sold to generate profits–even though it is.

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Your time is valuable–make sure you focus on what you do best.

Save literally HUNDREDS OF HOURS by using our already-created, ready-to-go PLR Strategic Bundle. Think of what an hour of your time is worth and multiply it by those hours saved…

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To succeed with Internet marketing, you need information products to sell. Consumers and readers visit the Internet in order to get the information they need to make their lives better, to become financially successful, even to reach their health and fitness goals.

flu symptomsHarness the POWER OF THE TOPIC combined with the POWER OF THE CONTENT. Flu prevention is a powerful topic because it affects so many millions of people. Our content is powerful because it is engaging, compelling, and professionally written.

Our PLR packages are designed to let you benefit–by building your business–from topics that get some of the highest number of searches on the Internet. But we do more than that. The search ranking is of little value if the readers who visit the site do not think the content is of good quality. We focused on providing USEFUL information that the reader can benefit from IMMEDIATELY. And as professional writers for more than 15 years, we know how to write content that is ENGAGING AS WELL AS INFORMATIVE. If we didn’t thoroughly understand how to create compelling content, we could not have succeeded in the highly competitive publishing industry.

The Flu and its prevention is a topic of widespread interest because it affects a wide range of the population–all ages and demographics. And the flu comes back every single year–it is as reliable as the change of seasons.

Get into this lucrative market with our PLR package What You Need to Know About the Flu

You receive:

5,000+ word ebook “What You Need to Know About the Flu”

12 articles of 400 to 500 words each

36 Health tips for a total of over 1600 words

A huge market just waiting for reliable information in our new PLR package What You Need to Know About the Flu.

Use This PLR Package in Many Different Ways to BUILD YOUR ONLINE BRAND:

flu symptomsMake money by offering readers products such as humidifiers, air purifiers, vitamins, supplements, books, and more.

flu symptomsAdd your own affiliate links to the 5000+ ebook.

flu symptomsUse the PLR as a starting point to create your own ebook.

flu symptomsUse our content as a basis to inspire your own creativity and generate future content yourself.

flu symptomsPromote your site and build your mailing list by giving away this content when readers sign up.

flu symptomsGive the PLR as a thank-you to customers who have bought from you.

flu symptomsUse the PLR content to create your own webinar.

flu symptomsCreate your own podcast series, or newsletter series, using the PLR content as topics.

flu symptomsUse it as content for your blog. It can be a chore to come up with new blog posts to make sure you stay front and center with your readers. Our content is ready for you to plug in right now!

This informational product is evergreen. The flu comes around every year like clockwork. Make money this year, next year and the next year after that.

No struggling to write your own content. No paying an expensive ghostwriter. No barely legible articles from writers whose second language is English. This is top quality content produced by published authors–our books have sold all over the world. Millions of readers have clicked on and viewed the Internet content we have written for online publishers.

flu symptomsWe know the type of information readers want to see–the information they need to see–the information that will benefit them the most and will bring them back for more.

Use our influenza PLR to Build Influence with Your Readers!

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What You Need to Know About the Flu
Ebook Chapter Outline

History of Influenza

Viruses Are Nasty Creatures

What’s Dangerous About the Flu

How Is Flu Is Transmitted

Symptoms and What Happens When You Become Infected With the Flu

Complications of Flu

Should You Be Concerned About a Pandemic Flu?

Treatments for Flu

Flu Prevention

Boosting Your Immune System to Prevent Flu

You Think You May Have the Flu


Twelve 400 to 500 Word Articles

flu symptomsFlu Prevention: Does Vitamin C Prevent the Flu 420 words

flu symptomsIs the Flu Virus Killed by Ultraviolet light? 433 words

flu symptomsDecrease Stress and Decrease the Odds of Getting the Flu 407 words

flu symptoms3 Ways to Cut Down the Chances of Getting the Flu. 411 words

flu symptomsKeep The Flu Virus at Bay With a Healthy Lifestyle 409 words

flu symptomsSwine Flu (N1H1): Stay Informed and Ready 403 words

flu symptomsFlu Symptoms and How it Spreads 425 words

flu symptomsPreventing the Spread of the Flu 414 words

flu symptomsHand Washing Number 1 in Preventing the Flu 414 words

flu symptomsAfter You Come Down With the Flu 402 words

flu symptomsWhat to Do If A Family Member Comes Down With the Flu 448 words

flu symptomsAvoiding–and Dealing With–Flu in the Workplace 503 words

How You Can Use This PLR

Use this PLR to establish your own website or blog.

Add it to a health and well being site.

Send out the tips to your subscribers.

Develop your list by giving away the ebook.

Record the articles as videos and upload to YouTube.

There are only three things you can NOT do with this PLR. Put my name as author, resell as PLR, sell the photos. Any other use is fine.

So what are you waiting for? Snag this package for yourself and start making money in the health and well being niche.

What You Need to Know About the Flu PLR

Manage Your Way Out of Debt PLR package

Make Money on the Internet with
Manage Your Way Out of Debt PLR

plr packages If you’re in the debt management and reduce credit card niche, this is the package for you. “Manage Your Way Out of Debt” provides much needed relief for people drowning in debt. It clearly explains each method of debt management: settlement, consolidation, credit counseling and bankruptcy.

You receive everything you need: A guide book of over 8,000 words, autoresponder tips, social media updates and even memes. All produced and written by Dee Power and Brian Hill, experts in finance and commercially published authors.

Credit card debt is ever on the increase with an the indebted household owing more than $16,000. And that’s not all, the average interest rate is over 18% with interest payments ballooning to nearly $2,000 a year. The market is huge. The pain is real.

Here’s what’s in our Debt Management Private Label Rights Package

plr packages Ebook over 8000 words

plr packages 12 articles of 400 to 500 words each

plr packages 21 debt management Tips — another 2300 words

plr packages 12 Tweets

plr packages 8 Social Media Updates

plr packages 5 memes

There are no refunds for this product. There are only 3 restrictions. 1. Do not put my name as author. 2. Do not resell as PLR. 3. Do not resell any graphics.

Manage your debt PLR package

Manage Your Way Out of Debt Ebook
Chapter Outline 8100 words


Making Your Financial Comeback

Credit Report

Your Credit Report is based on FICO

What is Debt Management?

Overview of Debt Settlement, Negotiation, Counseling and Bankruptcy

Debt Settlement

Should You Consider Debt Settlement?

Downside to Debt Settlement

Negotiating With Creditors

Debt Consolidation

What is Debt Consolidation?

When is Loan Consolidation a Bad Idea?

Home Equity Loan Rates: What You Should Know

How to Refinance with Poor Credit

Credit Counseling

When is Credit Counseling Right For You?

Personal Bankruptcy

Should You File Bankruptcy

How to Avoid Personal Bankruptcy

But that’s not all you’ll receive. You also get …

12 articles of 400 to 500 words each

21 Tips

12 Tweets

8 Social Media Updates

5 memes

Do whatever you like with this PLR content with three exceptions. You can’t resell the material as private label content. You can’t put our names as authors and you can’t sell the photos in the meme.

There are no refunds for this product.

Download your package now for only $17.

With all this content it’s almost like getting a turnkey product without you doing any of the work.

There are no refunds for this product. There are only 3 restrictions. 1. Do not put my name as author. 2. Do not resell as PLR. 3. Do not resell any graphics.

Manage your debt PLR package

12 Debt Management Articles

Secured and Unsecured Credit Cards: What You Need to Know For Debt Management 563 words

Personal Loans When You Have Poor Credit 496 words

Withdraw from Credit Card Addiction 550 words

Credit Counseling – Choose the Right Credit Counseling Service For You 534 words

Get a Credit Card with Bad Credit 441 words

Is Credit Card Settlement for You? 409 words

Is Declaring Personal Bankruptcy the Step You Need to Take to Get Out of Debt? 424 words

When Should You Consider Bankruptcy? 435 words

Begin Your Financial Recovery 412 words

Should You Try to Settle Your Debts Yourself? 454 words

Can You Settle Your Debts Yourself? Four Tips to Settle Your Debts 410 words

How to Negotiate with Your Creditors When Settling Your Debts 511 words

And You Get 21 Tips on How To Reduce Credit Card Debt